Everyone attends meetings.  Whether it's a small Board meeting or a large Convention, we've all
been there. When things run smoothly, you never give a thought
about what's gone into the
planning and execution of the event.  However,
a poorly executed meeting makes everyone
miserable.  And when
the job falls in your lap to do the planning, it can be a daunting task.  

As we meet with new clients and begin discussing the services we offer we tend to hear a lot of
the same questions.  

Here's a brief description of what we do and how our services can benefit your company.

What services can MPS offer our company?
The depth of servicing we provide for your meetings depends on you.  We start with the
beginning aspects of the planning process - called site selection.  This is where we decide  
together what city
or region to conduct the meeting and from there what hotel or facility to
utilize.  We'll use several factors and then will provide you with the choices that make the most
logical and economic sense for your particular event.  
Once we make the site selection, we will negotiate with the hotels on your behalf.  This includes
securing sleeping rooms and meeting rooms for your events.  We'll provide you with a list of
hotels that have your meeting dates available and will work with you to determine which will
best fit your needs.  
From there we can arrange group airline discounts, send invitations to your attendees, process
registrations, determine your meeting agenda and related audio/visual and food/beverage

Any or all of these services can be provided by Meeting Pro Services.

I already have an employee who schedules our meetings.  Why would we consult
with an outside independent meeting planning company?
We firmly believe the greatest benefits we provide to you are customer service and our
longstanding relationships with industry personnel.  We've worked with major hotel chains as
well as independent hoteliers.  The relationships we have with these individuals enable us to
secure preferred rates.  As is true with day to day business and life situations, you'll always get a
better deal from a trusted colleague and friend.

Can we afford to hire a meeting planner?
You can't afford not to!  Even one small item negotiated on your behalf can save you
thousands of dollars.  A negotiated audio/visual discount can easily save hundreds.  A 3 day
meeting for 50 people secured at $50 off the standard nightly business sleeping room rate saves
you $7,500.  It won't take long to understand the value of our services.    
Our prices are based upon the level of involvement in your event.  We can handle the site
selection and contract negotiations then the remainder can be handled by your staff or we can
handle all the specifics from start to finish - it's up to you.  Pricing can be tailored to fit your
needs for each event individually.

Contact us today to see how we may assist you.
Why use a Professional?